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The Realise Your Dream Blog provides accurate and unbiased articles that address all aspects of retirement lifestyle, thereby giving the the viewer the opportunity to make informed decisions that will empower them to live out their lives with dignity, certainty and security. A selection of articles have been provided below, however you can access their dedicated website by clicking the button below.

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What is the NDIS?

Established back on 1 July 2013, with the full scheme being rolled out to all eligible Australians from 1 July 2020, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s first national program designed to support people with disabilities.

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The value of a regular health check-up

Regular health check-ups are an essential part of maintaining optimal health, particularly as we age. They provide a snapshot of your current health status and can identify potential health risks before they become serious issues.

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Setting financial goals for 2024

The new year is a great time to reflect on your financial situation and plan for the future. Whether you want to save more, pay off debt, invest wisely, or simply live within your means, setting financial goals can help you achieve your desired outcomes. Here are some tips on how to set realistic and attainable financial goals for 2024.

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Should It Be This Difficult?

Over recent weeks, I have been attempting to help some family members apply for the age pension. One family member is 91, and the other will turn 90 shortly.  

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Navigating the Housing Maze

Australia’s housing market has long been a topic of discussion, with affordability and accessibility presenting challenges for many individuals and families, particularly for seniors living on fixed incomes such as the age pension. 

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Cost of Living Pressure

Ever since inflation started its upward spiral in 2021, many, if not all Australians, have felt its impact to some degree or another.

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The success of Sterling KPG is attributed to taking a genuine and active interest in our clients’ financial affairs. Here are a few questions that we commonly get asked regarding our services.

Commonly Asked Questions

When should I start getting retirement advice?

You can start making a retirement plan today!

Using smart saving strategies and giving yourself more time to save, will all work in your favour.  Setting goals early might just allow you to retire sooner than you think.

How much does financial advice cost?

It depends.  As no two people are the same, we don’t charge everyone the same fees.  When we get to know you and establish how we can help, we prepare your Client Engagement Letter so you know an estimate of costs before we start.  For an indication of what you could pay, the Moneysmart website sets out an example of financial advice fees.

Visit the MoneySmart website >>

How much money can I have and still get an Age pension?

Centrelink assesses your eligibility for the pension using an
Income and Asset test, and not all assets are assessed in the same way.  Simple factors such as the date of purchase
may affect how the asset is treated.  Knowing these rules helps us to put together strategies which can help maximise your entitlements.

For more information about the Age Pension see the Services Australia website.

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